Bishop Rob's Message 

Bishop Rob Gillion

The 3rd letter to all in the Parish from Bishop Rob Gillion, who has been licensed as an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Lincoln and is half time Interim Priest in Charge of our parish of St John's.                

Weathering the Storm

"For every day is a gift from God. How we live each day is our gift to Him."


The last few weeks have been a challenge weather wise. One minute we sweltering in record breaking heat and the next we face storms of epic proportions, including the risk of dam bursting floods.

A call to action!

A number of environmentalists are urging us to be urgent in our response to the challenges of climate change, and to look seriously at changing our life styles and, it seems, also our eating habits, to save our planet.

We have witnessed a number of heroes  and heroines emerging relating to the environment including a Swedish teenager and a ninety-three  year old naturalist, Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough.

So often, as individuals, it seems as though we are powerless to do much about a crisis.  We are told that we now need community solidarity. That is true.  We need to work together as a global family. However individuals can as we know change the course of history,

Jesus's way

My thoughts turn to what kind of Saviour am I looking for, and of course in this context my hero is Jesus.

His rule of life was to Love God with heart, and soul, and mind and strength and love our  neighbour as ourself. He suggests we look to the Creator first and seek to be good stewards of this world that we have been given. Then to ask ourselves how we can sacrificially best serve our neighbour in love, as we would like to be loved. 

Action in Lincolnshire

At the end of this month the Anglican Church here in Lincolnshire is holding a Climate Change Conference with scientists and theologians both local and international. It will conclude with a minimal carbon footprint  dinner which I have been invited to attend. I am intrigued as to what we will be eating and drinking. I thought it might be  bread and water or even some environmentally friendly wine! But I have been assured it will be much more imaginative.

The immediate way forward

Seriously though, the evidence is clear, we all need to be part of the answer in reducing carbon emissions if the earth is to remain a place of habitation. We need to recognise that what we are facing is a moral crisis, not just a practical one. The impact of sea level rises and changing rainfall patterns will have devastating effects on some of the most vulnerable of the world’s people.

We need to remember the order of creation and learn that we depend on the earth and seas and sky, on the plants and animals for our survival.

So lets flex our muscles of compassion and care for our world and be prepared to do our small part to make a difference and be the heroes and heroines  for a time such as this.

For every day is a gift from God. How we live each day is our gift to Him.


Every Blessing

Bishop Rob
August 2019

Based on Bishop Rob's recent "Pause for Thought"

(Broadcast on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on 11 August 2019)

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