The Romans Course

The Romans Course

Is a ten-session programme which helps you study Paul’s letter to the Romans.
The course tackles ten big themes found in the book of Romans which are key to understanding the Christian faith.

Ten Big Themes:

  • Gospel
    How can we become confident in our faith?
  • Sin
    What’s wrong with the world?
  • Salvation
    What’s so amazing about grace?
  • Peace
    How can we find rest in a stressful world?
  • Freedom
    How can we avoid negative cycles
  • Hope
    What has God promised?
  • Mystery
    If God is sovereign, what is our role?
  • Devotion
    How can we live full on for God?
  • Community
    How can we live together in love?
  • Mission
    How can we be ambitious with the gospel?

Produced by the Bible Society

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