Bishop Rob leads KS 2 Outdoor Collective Worship

Bishop Rob at KS2 Collective WorshipBishop Rob took advantage of the lovely summer weather to lead an outdoor Key Stage 2 Collective Worship on Thursday 4th July on the School Field before Sports Day.  He took as his theme "preparation" for special events and supporting one another.   After removing his cassock and revealing his clerical shirt and a set of smart black and white tracksuit trousers he "trained" a team of 12 children for a mimed Tug-of-War competition.  We saw the bishop in training, trying to lift weights, use his chest expander and walk on a running machine, all in very believable mimed action!

The bishop then had his team repeat each of his exercises and then encouraged them as they tugged their way to success in the "Tug-of-War" competition"!

All the children then joined in a hymn and Erin read a prayer that she had written about the state of the world, after which the Bishop led the assembled children in prayer before the Sports Day proper began.

KS2 sports day

Bishop Rob at KS2 Collective Worship