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Services may be live streamed or recorded and any resultant video will be posted up on the St John's YouTube channel as soon as possible.  A link to any new video will be inserted here.

04/12/2022 - we plan to be live streaming our Communion Service at 10am on Sunday 4th December and it will then be available on our YouTube Channel thereafter. Please click the video link below to watch live from around 10am or to view the service as a recorded video afterwards.

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Our Mission

We are called to serve our local parish and the wider community, so that what we say and do reflects our love of God in Christ Jesus such that people will find a spiritual home here with us.

If, for whatever reason, you would appreciate some human contact with our church, or have a question, then please click here to email our team and one of us will get back to you.

Our first points of contact at present are

Revd Greg Bannister  - Priest In Charge - Click to Email Rev Greg


Dawn Allen - Church Manager - Church Office phone 01775 718237


Please note that our Parish Office is manned from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday, which means that voice messages left on 01775 718237 outside of these times may not be dealt with until the next session.

and here is the latest message from Lawrence, our Website Editor

Whilst the Covid rules have recently been removed, we do want to keep our Church members and visitors safe.  Please do as you are asked by the team when you arrive at our Church building.  That way we hope to keep everybody safe.  The good news is that refreshments are now able to be served after services!

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We are now broadcasting our 10am Sunday Morning Communion Services and the link will be posted at the top of this page.

As usual, please click here to go to our Video Library page, where you can view all of the videos that we have published since our first attempt back on 29th March 2020, Passion Sunday in 2020.

Holidays have caused a delay in updating some of our web pages so please bear with us while we get back up to speed.

Lawrence (St John's Website Editor)  02/09/2022

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