Leprosy Mission

Leprosy Mission LogoFor many years, members of St John's congregation have supported the work of The Leprosy Mission. In September 2014 the PCC resolved that our contribution could be more effective if we supported a particular project rather than contributing to the charity's general funds.  The project chosen was 'Farming God's Way' based around Cabo Delgado in Mozambique.Mozambique Map

In partnership with ALEMO (Mozambique Association of People with Leprosy) people suffering from leprosy are taught to farm sustainably . Now they are able to feed themselves and sell their excess crops to support their families.

Our church representative, Mary Wood, has become a trading partner with The Leprosy Mission and we buy cards and gifts, books etc. to sell in church to raise extra money to support our project.

Mary & Josie with Mike Griffin & AriWe are visited from time to time by the Leprosy Mission Team and here we see Mike Griffin from Leprosy Mission UK and  Arie de Kruyiff, an ALEMO worker from South Africa, who visited us soon after we started our support for this project, along with Mary and Josie, two of our congregation members.

Since September 2014 we have made annual payments across to The Leprosy Mission designated specifically for this project.  We have raised and paid across a total of £7.941 as follows:-

   January 2015  £1,041On the farm

   January 2016  £1,689

   January 2017  £1,330

   January 2018  £1,349

   January 2019  £1,296

   February 2020 £1,236