Welcome to St. John's, Spalding

Bishop Rob Gillion

The first letter to all in the Parish from Bishop Rob Gillion, who has been licensed as an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Lincoln and is half time Interim Priest in Charge of our parish of St John's.                

Dear Friends,

St John the Baptist Church - Who are we?

We are a Christ-centred Church who gather together each Sunday at various services, and at activities throughout the week. We particularly welcome our school to join us, both pupils, parents and staff.
We seek to strengthen each other and the community at large by helping and caring for one another. We try to provide a church which is lively, involved, open, informed and compassionate and where, both in times of trouble and joy, we seek through our worship to live fuller lives in the service of Christ.

Why join St John the Baptist Church?

In every community, people set up home, get married, have babies, children are baptised and educated, people run businesses, achieve successes and encounter troubles, people have family troubles, people get sick, people die.
The church stands in the centre of this web of life and death, joy and grief - a constant in an often inconstant world.

We feel the Church provides a soul, if you will to our community here. A place to come for contemplation. To reflect on truths that transcend our every day worries and cares and help us to deal with them from a different perspective in the spirit of God in prayer and action.

We have a strong desire to serve this community in the name of God, and we would love to have you join us. We provide a variety of services and activities.

Call to Worship

On the first Sunday of the month (10.00am) we have a service for all the family at which you can expect the unexpected! On other Sundays and during the week we have services of Holy Communion and Evening prayer. Do look out for times in the magazine or on the website. After the main service there is always an opportunity to make new friends and chat over a cuppa.

The Church as a sign of Christ’s Love

There are times when we worship as a family, informally, and others when we express our love of God more traditionally. We believe it is important to recognise the need for both. We also offer a regular Wednesday evening bible study and a popular mid week service on Thursdays at 10.00am.

We are all complex, our lives are increasingly complex. Our church we hope, recognises the complexity and seeks to reassure those who feel confused or overwhelmed by the demands of our lives that, although every thing seems to change, and even the very nature of change itself seems to be constantly accelerating, the essential truths have not changed. Love, compassion, wisdom, integrity, humility and forgiveness. These qualities are unchanging, eternal, and can all be found in Christ Jesus.

In times of troubles and of joys the Church belongs to you, and you belong to God.

I look forward to welcoming you to St John the Baptist soon and bringing your God given gifts and talents! For every day is a gift from God, how we live it is our gift to him!

Every Blessing

Bishop Rob
June 2019

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