Because Baptism is an important part of the life of our families and it is also the service that welcomes people, young and old into the life of the Church, we like to meet those who want to be Baptised and the parents who would like their children Baptised. During that first meeting we would discuss the Meaning of the Service, the meaning and importance of Baptism to the family and share what it means to the Church. 

 We look forward to meeting you and discussing the Baptism.

 please contact the Parish Office 01775 718237

Weddings and Blessings

We do provide both Weddings and Blessings - Please contact us about the cost of a wedding or blessing - in general these compare well with other venues and a Church Wedding offers something extra in terms of atmosphere and other things you cannot put a price on. 

To start the arrangements for a wedding please contact the Parish Office

Reading of Banns

To have your banns read at St John's please contact our Parish Administrator.  E-mail Parish Office